Kickstarter Campaign for Comic Book Series Intended to Challenge Marvel & DC Reaches $100,000

A kick starter for a comic book series initiated by Vox Day has amassed over $100,000 in funding, a figure that few campaigns will ever attain.

The stated purpose of the project (dubbed Alt Hero) is as follows:

A new alternative comic series intended to challenge and eventually replace the SJW-converged comics of DC and Marvel.

The initiative is another sign of the transformation taking place at the core of the cultural zeitgeist. For quite a while now, the dominant players in the arts, media, government, academia, and others have been mainly those that espouse left-wing ideologies.

The most fervent and radical individuals associated with left-wing ideology are social justice warriors (SJWs), who can be thought of as progressives taking “social justice” (socially progressive views which include feminism, multiculturalism, equality, diversity, and the like) to the extreme.

What is incontrovertible is the shockingly high degree to which SJWs have injected their fiercely progressive worldview into the cultural landscape, by taking over (or converging, as Vox Day would say) various industries and institutions.

When SJW’s converge an organization, their aim is to divert said organization’s core objectives into ones that focus on diversity, equality, social justice, political correctness, etc.

For example, a video game company that is commandeered by SJWs will unapologetically place a greater emphasis on achieving gender parity, policing employees for “hate speech”, scrutinizing game story lines for “offensive” content, promoting diversity in hiring, and other causes in the name of “social justice”, all at the expense of producing high quality video games that turn a healthy profit. The result is the production of bland, cringe-worthy, unimaginative, and politically correct games that can, invariably, cost them their most loyal customers.

The video game company becomes obsessed with social justice – and as a result, alienates its customers who simply want to play fun games and not have to hear about politics.

The SJW presence can be felt everywhere: video games, comic books, films, music, TV shows, social media platforms, and universities, have all been converged at some level.

Even sports networks, like ESPN, have been focusing more and more on politics (NFL players kneeling during the national anthem also comes to mind), when sports fans would rather just watch and enjoy their favorite sports.

Recently, the Boy Scouts of America said it would welcome girls to join their ranks. Could this be due to low enrollment by boys, or yet another example of the increasing encroachment of SJWs into well-established organizations in order to further their ultra progressive agenda?

With SJWs and others on the far left stridently pushing their views on society, it’s only natural that the pendulum would begin swinging to the right. People have had enough. And the more the left doubles down on their progressive platform, the more people will gravitate towards alternatives like Alt Hero.

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