What Happens When You Violate the Narrative?

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It’s not easy navigating the corporate world these days when you don’t obediently follow the herd. Heck, it may cost you your job and harm your reputation.

SJWs (social justice warriors) are lurking in practically every corporate, social, and political organization. They are pervasive, persistent, and willing to play dirty when someone expresses their dissent regarding the official “Narrative.”

The Narrative is the prevailing zeitgeist that dominates the societal landscape. You can spot the Narrative being proselytized in the media, the entertainment and arts industries, universities, government, public schools (K-12), major corporations, etc.

The individuals who shape and promote the Narrative are in the minority, but their occupancy of the key areas mentioned above allows them to exert power and influence disproportionate to their numbers. As a result, they are able to inculcate their worldview into the wider society.

Some of the key components of the Narrative include:

  • Western societies are inherently patriarchal; Men dominate while women are maligned, mistreated, and undermined.
  • Masculinity is “toxic” and promotes rape culture.
  • A focus on achieving equality of outcome, not merely equality of opportunity.
  • The right to exclude persons from public discourse if their speech is deemed “hateful” or makes people feel “unsafe”(doxxing and no-platforming may even be condoned or tacitly supported if it results in shutting down and suppressing “controversial” individuals).
  • An obsession with shielding people from ideas that are deemed “unsafe,” by advocating for safe spaces and trigger warnings.
  • Western society is inherently racist; it oppresses racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.
  • Western society is inherently imperialist, colonialist, and was built on the exploitation of non-whites.
  • Western societies are essentially white supremicst societies; the political, social, legal, and economic institutions are specifically designed to privilege whites at the expense of non-whites.
  • All cultures and people are equal – any inequality is the result of the exercise of power and privilege.
  • Everything is a social construct (gender, race, science, literature, math, law, culture, art,etc); humans are born with a blank slate and are shaped by their environment.
  • There is no such thing as objective truth or knowledge.

Those who attempt to circumvent the Narrative by offering alternate viewpoints are targeted, hunted down, and publicly demonized. They are attacked mercilessly by hordes of SJWs, who assault them with waves of defamatory statements, death threats, and smear campaigns. Some people are forced to resign from their jobs or move to new locations to escape the harassment and psychological torture.

Marlene Jaeckel is one who fell victim to SJWs and their disdain for non-conformity:

To be clear, right from the start: I never actually did anything wrong. I didn’t egregiously violate any codes of conduct. (Quite frankly, even if I had, I have no idea how, why, or when it might have happened, since my “accusers” refuse to tell me.) My only “crime” is being an outspoken, albeit moderate, conservative who doesn’t prescribe to the radical feminist narrative of many women in STEM groups. I’ve questioned some of their talking points and, at times, I’ve vehemently disagreed with some of their views, but I nonetheless support their mission of supporting and advocating for women in technology.

SJWs detest those who speak against the Narrative, particularly if they are members of a “victim class.” The fact that Marlene is a woman, was a particularly egregious offense from their perspective, since it is far more difficult for them to write her off as simply a “toxic male” arguing from a position of power and privilege, and therefore unable to comprehend and sympathize with the plights women face in the corporate world.

Marlene realizes that organizations like Women Who Code have been converged by SJWs, who are steadfast in their pursuit of dogmatic social justice agendas. They make social justice their priority, rather than focusing on the organization’s core objectives of encouraging, mentoring, and teaching women invaluable skills that will help them succeed in tech industries:

It’s a shame that Women Who Code and Google Women Techmakers put on such a good face by feigning kindness and respect for all women in tech. They’ve carefully crafted a wholesome image of being welcoming to all women and supportive of the needs of anyone in the tech industry who identifies as female.

Unfortunately, this is not true. To me, it seems obvious that Women Who Code and Google Women Techmakers don’t really care about all women and, frankly, they don’t seem to care that much about tech either. Instead, they focus on divisive identity politics, and they expect their members to remain submissive inside the echo chamber if they wish to be accepted.

Why do SJWs engage in these type of tactics? Why are they so petrified of alternative viewpoints? What drives them to attack those who deviate from the Narrative? And, most importantly, what can individuals and organizations do to withstand and effectively counter their attacks?

Two books to read that can help answer those questions are SJWs Always Lie and SJWs Always Double Down by Vox Day. They provide an overview of the psychology of SJWs, the various tactics they employ to attack those who criticize the Narrative, and how to combat them, so they don’t destroy your life. With more and more organizations being converged by SJWs, it’s imperative to possess the correct mindset and tools at your disposal to ensure you don’t become a victim.

Be vigilante and prepare to face the backlash that may come when you violate the Narrative – and being a woman or visible minority won’t guarantee you immunity, as Marlene found.

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