Liberalism and Conservatism Are Dying

We may be reaching a very important nexus in the U.S., one that could have grave ramifications for the future. The culture is undergoing a radical transformation, as David Brooks points out in a recent article in the New York Times.

Regarding today’s left, he writes:

The older liberals generally believe that the open exchange of ideas is an intrinsic good. Older liberal journalists generally believe that objectivity is an important ideal. But for many of the militants, these restraints are merely masks for the preservation of the existing power structures. They offer legitimacy to people and structures that are illegitimate.

And regarding today’s emerging right, he observes:

The boomer conservatives, raised in the era of Reagan, generally believe in universal systems — universal capitalism, universal democracy and the open movement of people and goods. Younger educated conservatives are more likely to see the dream of universal democracy as hopelessly naïve, and the system of global capitalism as a betrayal of the working class. Younger conservatives are comfortable in a demographically diverse society, but are also more likely to think in cultural terms, and to see cultural boundaries.

I think David Brooks is largely correct on this new divide, but I believe it will grow even more radical and polarized. He is also correct in pointing out that the battle lines are being drawn along group identity.

The old vanguard, both on the right and left, have lamented the rise of identity politics.

In an interview with Truthdig (which I recommend reading) in 2017, Chris Hedges said:

Well, identity politics defines the immaturity of the left. The corporate state embraced identity politics. We saw where identity politics got us with Barack Obama, which is worse than nowhere. He was, as Cornel West said, a black mascot for Wall Street, and now he is going around to collect his fees for selling us out.

Similarly, those on the traditional right, such as Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck, have routinely denouned identity politics.

New stars, such as Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson, have joined the discourse, basing many of their topics of interest on the rejection of identity politics, while heartily endorsing individualism, a component of what we today know as classical liberalism.

The problem, however, is that America today is a multiethnic empire – and multiethnic empires function on identity politics.

“In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”
– Lee Kuan Yew

Liberalism and conservatism can only function if America is relatively homogenous. The fact of the matter is that the world doesn’t care about American-style liberalism and conservatism. Remember those attempts to introduce democracy in the Middle East? How has that been working?

Humans are naturally tribal by nature. They will promote their own ahead of other groups and acquire resources for the betterment of their group only.

Unfortunately, in a democratic country, like America, this inevitably leads to conflict, because each group votes only for what’s in their best interests.

There’s no such thing as voting for what’s best for the nation because America is not a nation anymore – it’s a repository for all the ethnicities on the planet.

All of these ethnicities are viewed as fungible in the eyes of the state. Everyone and anyone can be an American, because America is a concept, an idea, an ideal, etc. That’s the bromide we’ve had inculcated into in our minds from day one.

Each group fights to obtain power – and as their numbers grow, their ability to inject their values and preferences in the cultural landscape becomes easier. Instead of cowering and attempting to integrate, they become emboldened to proselytize their own culture, while firmly rejecting that of the host nation. What ensues are incremental gains in political power through the democratic process – and ultimately, the transformation of the nation.

If you don’t believe this can happen, simply talk to an American Indian.

This pattern is consistent and reliable: when people from other nations emigrate in large numbers to Western nations, such as America, they tend not to assimilate.

Assimilation is actually cruel and immoral because it’s asking people to abandon their culture to become “American.” Naturally, no one would be willing to do that. Being tribal, our natural inclination drives us to preserve our own culture

And why should they assimilate? After all, we’ve already heard proclamations from the elite that “France has no culture,” and “Canada is a post-national state,” and, of course, “America is for everyone.” If that’s the case, then what does it mean to be French, Canadian, or American?

Apparently, it means nothing. It means that anyone can be French, anyone can be Canadian, and anyone can be American. You don’t have to be born in Miami to play for the Miami Heat and you don’t have to be born in America to work for Microsoft. Apparently, America is just that – nothing but a brand and a piece of land.

But that’s not how the rest of the world operates. The world is fiercely tribal. Each nationality ascribes great meaning and pride to their group. The world, as a whole, rejects multiculturalism. And this is the world that’s marching across the borders of the West.

This, in essence, is why liberalism and conservatism are dying: both philosophies share the same concept of America as a melting pot; that anyone in the world can become an American.

Unfortunately, the radical experiment of the melting pot is looking more and more like a failure.

There is now a struggle for power, on the streets, on college campuses, and in the highest echelons of public institutions. It’s being waged on multiple fronts, as there are multiple identities in America.

The escalation will keep swelling as the white population continues its decline. When whites become a minority, there will be a clear power vacuum and the seriousness of the situation will be apparent to everyone.

We are already seeing more and more whites moving into the Republican party, while the Democrat party is gradually being taken over by the various minorities, each of whom is gaining strength as their numbers grow.

It’s quite possible the Alt-right will rise to prominence in the future and become a mainstream political philosophy and movement. The reason is simple: as the number of whites dwindles to the point that they lose their power, status, and influence in the cultural and political arenas (what leftists call “white privilege”), they will realize they must embrace identity politics to survive, just like Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, etc.

If whites come together as a group and embrace identity politics, it will be the official end of American style liberalism and conservatism. I don’t believe the likes of Dave Rubin, Candace Owens, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and Chris Hedges can stop what has been all too common throughout history:

Diversity + Proximity = War

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