Why You Should Always Read the Comments Section

To know what’s really going on and where society is headed, always take some time to browse the comments section. The article itself may only be working to obscure reality.

Recently, an article appeared in my email (originally posted on Linkedin).

The topic was about the supposed virtues of embracing and promoting diversity in all its forms at companies. The author points to evidence that companies that mandate diversity are more profitable than their non-diverse industry counterparts, and goes on to chastise the now obligatory facts about inequality in the workplace.

Having no allegiance to (or patience for) ideologies that extol the virtues of diversity, equality, equity, and the like, I casually dismissed the article (the purpose of my article is not to present arguments against the author’s positions regarding diversity, so don’t expect any rebuttals to his arguments).

Instead, I scrolled down to peruse the comments left by readers. I was not shocked by what I found: most of the commenters emphatically disagree with the author as well.

They, like myself, have had enough of the cargo cult of diversity rammed down their throats. They are deluged with this “social justice” day in and day out. They know it’s not true — because they have actual first-hand experience. And theories and ideas take a backseat to empiricism.

The truth of the matter is that you can never really ascertain where we are headed culturally and politically by listening to the so-called “intellectuals” and “experts.” They live in a bubble and have no one to impress and pander to other than their colleagues. The groupthink that permeates their ivory towers causes them to be blind to the cultural shifts that are slowly bubbling up to the surface.

Increasingly, they are coming to realize that the Narrative their weaving is being unraveled by the public. People are slowly waking up. They have access to more information than ever before — and this make the gatekeepers of the grand Narrative nervous. So nervous, in fact, they realize that they must fiercely hunt down and silence any dissent.

Ever wonder why certain publications are shutting down their comments section? 

The reason is simple: the public must never know how powerful they really are and just how many of them share the same knee-jerk reaction of “WTF” when being exposed to the Narrative.

Ever wonder why Youtube videos produced by media companies espousing the Narrative in a blatant and militant fashion receive heaps of scorn, ridicule, derision, and waves of “thumbs down” votes.

The reason is simple: the public know the scam and are increasingly intolerant of it.

Who are some of the most ardent purveyors of the Narrative? The answer is university professors, journalists, and Hollywood celebrities. Others include politicians and business executives.

These individuals can proselytize and galvanize support very effectively because of their social and political clout, as well as their deep pockets. However, these members of the elite classes don’t fully comprehend or effectively represent the views, concerns, and grievances of the broader population. In some cases, they’re at complete odds with the average man or woman on the street.

Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, the average man and woman pay the price for accepting what is false and unworkable. They have “skin in the game,” while much of the elite don’t.

The Narrative is crumbling because it’s false. The people can literally see with their own eyes every single day that it’s not working. 

When the elite continually propose what doesn’t work in reality, people eventually figure things out. When the elite promotes a system of morality that leads to greater unhappiness, people eventually come to discard it. When the elite exalt economic theories that promise a continued rise in living standards, but in reality erode bank accounts, people take notice — and take to the streets.

Increasingly, it’s looking as though the pendulum is beginning to swing in the other direction. We’ve had over 70 years of neoliberalism dominating the West. Now, the shift is slowly taking shape.

Of course, those who depend on the Narrative are fighting back, which is why the online world is so embroiled in mass censoring, doxxing, deplatforming, etc. The battle between the article writers and commenters is one manifestation of the current division between those who adhere to the Narrative and those who reject it.

When you want to gauge where things are headed, always remember to read the comments section. Because eventually, the commenters head to the ballot box — and the ballot box can make the pendulum swing that much harder in the other direction.

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