It’s not a very good idea to try to “catch a falling knife” (a stock that has experienced a rapid decline in value over a short period of time). You could make the attempt, of course, and potentially make a nice chunk of change once the stock price appreciates in value. But more often than not, you will end up getting cut and bleed money.

However, it is a good idea to read The Falling Knife, a Canadian based website devoted to exploring topics and trends in the world of finance, business, culture, and politics.

The Falling Knife also aims to provide individuals with the information, tools, and resources to successfully navigate an increasingly complex, cut-throat, and fast-paced world, primarily in financial planning, career planning, skills development, and the implementation of a lifestyle conducive to personal growth, productivity, happiness, and a true sense of purpose and meaning.

The Falling Knife covers stories and topics that are entertaining, amusing, and can make you laugh – because laughter is a great antidote to a sometimes cruel world.

The Falling Knife is not politically correct and does not care what your think about it.